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My name is Sarah and I’m a photographer living in Bath, England.


Photography for me is all about telling a story. Capturing small moments that would often go unnoticed and using them to create beautiful images. I love the way that photography encourages you to be more aware in the present moment, and mindful of the small details of everyday life as they unfold around you.


Photography has always been a part of my life but it remained in the background until a few years ago, when I was bought a camera for my birthday. I used this camera sporadically, but it was when I took a year out to travel, that my passion really started to grow. This trip gave me the opportunity to use and experiment with my camera almost every day, and try a variety of different photographic genres such as street, landscape and architecture.

I’m available for a variety of photographic work such as portraits, branding, lifestyle, and events. Please contact me for prices.